faces of vitality




Vitality is the combined effect of life force within the whole person. This life force is used for personal healing, growth, and creating our heart's desires. The interrupted flow of life force wicks away that essential energy/focus from what matters to us, making us stuck in patterns and situations that no longer serve us well. Restoring the natural flow and order of that life force helps us to move forward with greater ease, confidence, and peace.

Vitality is affected by many factors. These factors either help us to experience more vitality or, when over-taxed, drain our vitality. The Radiant Vitality Breakthrough System addresses these factors and supports long term improvement in overall wellbeing as well as the wonderful expression of life force within us. Interestingly, each of these factors contains "hidden" sub-factors that influence their performance (and, therefore, health, happiness, vitality).

Cellular Vitality - When our cells receive what they need and discharge their undesirable holdings, there is greater youthfulness, more energy to do what's important (and necessary); physical and emotional healing are easier and more efficient; it's enjoyable to simply go with the natural flow of life.

Personal Renewal- We all have the ability to heal, change, and grow. It's simply part of who we are. Personal Renewal is about the physical, mental-emotional, spiritual, and environmental influences that interfere with this natural renewal process. When we can redirect our inner resources into what is really important, extraordinary things occur like spontaneous healings, prompt solutions to problems, complete release of struggles and difficulties that have held us back from our potential.

Soul Wisdom- When we are "right" with ourselves, it's easier to be present in the moment. There is a natural, easy peacefulness in everyday mindfulness and connection with our spirituality. Insights, inspiration, intuition, and love are simply present. Being tuned into that wisdom requires receptivity. Receptivity opens the door to delightful synchronicities that bring unexpected blessings, new experiences, and amazing opportunities.

Body Praxis- Body, mind/emotions, and spirit are one. Unlike parts of an object, we truly cannot be segmented. That said, most people struggle with their innate humanness. The body gets dirty and stinky; it has pain and unpleasant sensations; it holds memories of troublesome and hurtful times. The body carries burdens of the past, the present, and the anticipated future. For many, it's a difficult place to inhabit. When we can be more unified and present within the body, we improve wellness and enjoyment at all levels as well as become more resilient to stress, illness, and injury.

Mental Flexibility- Mental agility is not about intelligence or problem solving. Instead, it's about the ability to powerfully influence our inner world so that we can move past limitations and achieve our dreams.

Emotional Freedom- As thoughts, emotions, and feelings are connected, Emotional Freedom is about the ability to self-regulate in the most loving and helpful ways so that we can be our best self. It's very easy to be defined by the past, by what we perceive that other people think about us and want from us. Emotional Freedom is about having the self-knowledge, the skills, and the inner resources to simply be ourselves rather than striving for safety, security, or control.

Financial Wellbeing- We live in a world with currency. That currency provides shelter, food, comfort, and opportunities. For many, there's not enough currency or there are long term stressors associated with money. Financial wellbeing is about the ability to be a great steward of currency so that it can be in abundant supply as well as be enjoyed while it flows through our lives.

Outer Harmony- Outer Harmony refers to the balanced and harmonious experience of the outer world matching our inner greatness. We've all had moments when we've felt great and had a wonderful day. When we align ourselves in such a way that we no longer need to prove that we're worthy, safe, good enough, or right then harmony is expressed within us as well as around us. There's no need to protect our feelings or egos; instead, we can show up and enjoy richer experiences in relationships, connections, nature, solitude, etc.

What would you no longer have to deal with, if you had more vitality?

Who could you be?

How much more joy, peace, and ease could be in your life with more vitality?